1.within的用法和例句 1)在……以内: It’s within three miles of the station. 它高车站不到二英里 We must live within our income. 我们必须量入为出。 It’s a task within your power. 这是你力所能及的。 2)在(多少时问)内,不到……: Within a d... 阅读全部 »



with的用法和例句 1)和,同,与: I won’t argue with you. 我不和你争辩。 How are you getting on with him? 你和他相处得怎样? 2)对: You must be strict with us. 你对我们要严格。 She is very patient with the children. 她对孩子们非常耐心。 3)用... 阅读全部 »

1.until的用法和例句: 1)直到: They talked until one o’clock in the morning. 他们一直谈到半夜一点钟。 It’s better to wait until tomorrow. 最好等到明天再说。 They stayed there until quite late. 他们在那儿一直待到很晚。 2)(until用于否... 阅读全部 »

1.towards的用法和例句(美国有作toward): 1)向着,方向: A boy came running towards us. 一个男孩向我们跑来。 He was now walking towards the river. 这时他向河边走去。 She is taking courses toward a master’s degree. 她正在修硕士学位的课程。 ... 阅读全部 »



to的用法和例句 1)向(某处),去(某地): She goes to school by bike. 她骑自行车上学。 All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。(谚) Where are you off to? 你到哪儿去? 2)到(某时间或数量): We’11 change the date to Feb 28. 我们要把日期改到2月28号。... 阅读全部 »

1.throughout的用法和例句: 1)整个……时期: Rain fell throughout the night. 雨下了一整夜。 They worked like that throughout the year. 整整一年他们都这样干。 He was a brave fighter throughout his life. 他英勇斗争了一辈子。 2)在全……: Schools wer... 阅读全部 »

1.since的用法和例句: 自从,从……以后: They have been close friends since childhood. 他们从小就是好朋友。 She has lived here since 1990. 她从1990年起就在这里住。 I haven’t been out much since coming here. 来这里之后我没太出去。 Since when... 阅读全部 »

1.past的用法和例句: 1)从旁过去: She walked past the house. 她从屋旁走过。 I saw a boy running past my window. 我看见一个男孩从我窗前跑过去。 2)(时间)过了: It’s a quarter past two. 现在是两点一刻。 It must be past five(midnight). 现... 阅读全部 »



over的用法和例句: 1)在……上方: A lamp was hanging over the table. 一盏灯悬在方桌上方。 He saw an arched stone bridge over the river. 他看到河上有一座石头拱桥。 She saw a water bird flying over the lake. 她看到一只水鸟从湖上飞过。 2)在(从……)上... 阅读全部 »

介词短语out of的用法及例句


1.out of的用法和例句: 1)从……(出来): He got out of his car. 他走下车来。 Is she out of hospital yet? 她出院了吗? She brought something out of her bag. 她从口袋里拿出一样东西。 2)向外面,在外面: Mr. Fu looked out of the window. 付老师向窗外望... 阅读全部 »

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